Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Variations on Fools Square

The first two blocks I changed because they were going to a person who wanted Star block.  It was easy enough to make the corners solid instead of 1/2-square triangles.

The second change (third time I made this block in two days!) was to make the 1/2-square triangles in the two main colors instead of with one & the background fabric.  I was trying to pump up the second color so it was more or less equal with the first.  Also, I knew I would be adding a border in the background to bring the whole thing up to size (we were swapping 12" blocks & this one is 10") & I just thought it would look better.


This means of course that none of them would be described as squares, but they weren't all that square to begin with.  That must be the Fool's part.


Kathryn said...

I love the color choice of black and pink. It's a standout. The black and tans are also nice.

June Dodge said...

What fun you are having experimenting with the blocks and fabrics! I especially like the last one with the polka dots and pink - the outside sections are so expertly done! I can see the squares that will appear once's it's pieced with another block.

hetty said...

Great colours on that last block. The "Fool's" part was me. I wasn't prepared for week 3. So I picked that one.