Saturday, January 22, 2011

June's Week 4 - Standing Purple Cat

This standing cat is really cute!  It went together pretty quickly.  The directions were clear, but I found I had to draw a diagram to be sure what I was supposed to do.

I found that by sewing the diagonals a little off center the flap covered the original material. When I sewed right in the middle it didn't work out right.

: )


hetty said...

Nice cat, June!

Jeanne said...

June, how many/what other animals will we be doing? I need to start hunting for prints with the right critters -- I was lucky with the elephant and cat :)

Myra said...

A lovely cat block! 8-)

June Dodge said...

Jeanne -

I know there will be:
chicken, dog, bird, butterfly.

Hopefully more but that's all I know for sure for now...

: )