Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 weeks - Evelyn/Starfishy

Week 4 - Odds & Ends - sized up to 12".  The outside edge is a bit wavy so I might take it apart and re-sew... but then again that homespun is pretty stretchy and it probably will be just fine once attached to sashing strips.

Mother's Dream - week 5.  I used Kathie's simplified directions for the outside edge triangles, thanks Kathie!

Week 9 - Joseph's Delight.  I love this block and probably will make more!  I like anything that makes a big star design (4 blocks set on angles to each other).
I skipped weeks 6, 7 and 8 so I could just make 12" blocks to add to my collection.  Plus week 6 (sickle varation) looks alot like a block I already made.


hetty said...

Your blocks look great, Evelyn!

Jeanne said...

Good to see you again!

Jeanne :)

Radka said...

Good day. You have a very nice blog and photos. Have a nice day Radka.