Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tah Dah!

Seems we have all been side-tracked for awhile or at least most of us have. It is great to see many of our group are back participating. Everyone's blocks look fabulous. I, too, have been sewing like mad in an effort to catch-up.

Week 43 Blindman's Fancy was a real struggle. I am convinced the directions are wrong. Nothing fit together so I just wacked of that spacer strip to make the HST edges fit. Maybe I cut things wrong but I sure as heck don't want to do this one again to see where I went wrong.

Week 44 Gamecock went together fine. It will probably join the other homespun blocks in a quilt someday.

Week 45 Cross in a Cross was super easy. I may use this one someday for a whole quilt. It has the appearance of blocks set on point (which I really like) without all those mind numbing math calculations that make my head spin.

Week 46 Carolyn's Star is really nice but I found it too tedious to keep all the parts in the right position. As a single block it's great but to make enough for a whole top, no way!

Week 47 That's My Baby. What a boring block. I guess it would be usefull as an alternative to a Postage Stamp or Irish Chain type scrap quilt.

Week 48 Indian Star is a nice simple block. I'm not sure where the name comes in or what it has to do with Indians but I'd use this one again.

Week 49 Cross and Ring didn't work out for me on my first try. Those bitty little triangles just didn't provide enough contrast and the pattern is all mushed up. So I tried again using different fabric and switched the outside strips, too.

It sure shows up as a pieced block better than my first attempt and the "ring" part stands out.

Week 50 Double Hour Glass should be called Triple Hourglass. I kinda like this one. It's quite different and looks more complicated to construct than it actually is.

I plan to make this week's block today and then I will be ready to make week 52 on time and end the year with a feeling of accomplishment.

I want to thank Donna for starting Friday Block Party and all those who have shared their blocks and offered encouraging comments all year. Thanks, too, to Hetty for stepping in to relieve Donna. I have especially enjoyed reading everyone's personal blogs. I don't always leave comments but I do read them all and get so much inspiration from all of you. I for one would love to see us continue. I am anxious to see what everyone creates with their blocks and continue to enjoy the challenge of putting little triangles and squares together in new combinations.


floribunda... aka Julie said...

Those all look great, Julie, and I'm so impressed by your industriousness! I have (or used to have) some of that sun print that you used in the Cross and Ring -- it's one of my favorites and I love your use of it.

Brenda said...

I'm impressed that you kept up, especially now just before the holidays. I plan to make some of those too and you've given me some good ideas. thanks for showing us the one that didn't work as well so we can learn from your mistake. what are you going to do with all your blocks?

Argery Araya C. said...

Estimada amiga que bonitos le han quedado estos trabajos la felicito ,un abrazo a la distancia y que pases una feliz navidad.

hetty said...

Your blocks look amazing! You have been busy. Don't worry too much about 'Blindman's Fancy'. I think everyone had problems with it. I agree, the instruction were wrong, possibly written by a blind man, but you did a great job anyway.