Thursday, December 10, 2009

No time to look back

I had hoped to do the current week every week & maybe a make-up week when I could.  It turns out this week I am doing the current week &...last week as the make-up week.  Oh well.

Last week's Indian Star is another one that is very soft, even in person, but the photo does not do it justice:

I don't know if anyone else noticed (I did only because I have an idea to put many of these blocks together as a kind of sampler) but this blocks fits nicely into the week 45 block-Cross in a Cross: the corner squares & the longer center center piece are exactly the same size.  I suspect I will be making a couple more in complimentary colors to make larger units.

The current block Cross & Ring was another pleasant surprise.  These kind of contrasting corners (in my head I call them "snowball corners") are among my favorites.  I expect I will do this block again, too.  I think it would work very well with a variety of bright scraps on white.  At least, that is how I see it right now.  For my first try I did rather the opposite-the corners are more or less a solid & the background is a large floral.

Somehow I got the impression this block was larger than it is & was all excited to use a larger scale print than I had been.  I am just glad I had enough of the purple left-over so the contrasting corners would show.  I had originally been thinking of using a softer green & the would have looked like nothing at all.

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Carol E. said...

useless ranch - what an interesting name! ARe you new? Or maybe I haven't been around much lately, so I didn't notice. You are right, the purple in the corners is a good contrast and a light green would not have been. I am hoping to catch up a little more during Christmas break. Can't wait!