Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Double Crossed on the Cross and Ring

Hi Fellow Block Party Gang, There seems to be a discrepancy between the block that was assigned for this week and the block that was actually posted. Did I say that right? It's confusing for me too and I have a list of blocks for this year. Why do I have a list? Well, let me get explain this week's block and then I will tell you.

Please do the block that was posted, It is called 'Cross and Ring'. I think it will be easiest to do this block for this week. 'Cross and Ring' was supposed to have been posted on December 25th. The block called 'Double Cross' which was meant for this week, will be moved to December 25th.. So we'll just sort of change them around. If you want to do both, then go ahead. You will probably not want to do a block on the Christmas week anyways.

Now for the reason I know all this. Donna, aka Quilt Pixie, has decided to retired from the block party. Life is getting in the way. I'm sure you can understand that. Since she and I had talked about this idea of a Friday Block Party long before we got started this year, she has asked me to take over for her. I had originally said that I would help, but so far this year, I have done nothing except look forward to each Friday's posting. Donna sent me a list of blocks from the Quilters Cache which she had made up at the start of this year. It's a long list and there are enough blocks to keep us partying right through to the end of 2010 and then some.

Hope I cleared some of that up for you. Let me know what you think about our switch. And if you have any ideas for blocks or want to do a specific one, let me know. We don't have to stick with the QC blocks.


jan said...

Hi Hetty,
well good on you for taking over from Donna, bless her, she has done us proud by starting us all on our Journey of Blocks. I shall try to be a good girl and keep up for 2010.
Three cheers for Donna,
three more for Hetty

hip hip hip...thank you Donna
hip hip hip...thank you Hetty

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Donna,
Thank you for being a great host - its been great party!

Hi Hetty, Good luck with your new role! I'll do my best to keep up.
Perhaps we could try and get some new stitchers to sign up in the new year.


Librarynan said...

Thanks, Donna for getting me started quilting again... this was a great idea.
Thanks to our wonderful Hetty for stepping up to take over as well!
Does this mean that we'll be continuing into 2010, Hetty? I'd love that, as I'm just getting caught up. Life does get in the way for all of us, but I'd hate to let go of this group... you are all so inspirational and talented.
Thank you, my friends for being there all year.

hetty said...

Thanks for the cheers, Jan!
And Ros, if you or anyone else knows of a quilter who would like to join us let me know. I think a few new stitchers would be a great idea!

Jeanne said...

Hi friends,
I started last January doing the blocks with you, and then Life Happened for much of the rest of the year :(
I'm looking ahead to 2010, and intend to start again and sew along with the group.

Carol E. said...

OH, I hope Quilt Pixie (Donna) is OK. I loved the idea of a block a week and a group to do it with. I think many of us got caught up in real life. I can hardly believe that it is almost to the end of the year!

I have used my blocks in various ways, made a couple of quilts, some I still have on hand, others I chose not even to make.

I didn't know it was going to continue into 2010. I don't know if I'll try to keep up. I have a hard time with BOMs much less BOWs. But I do want to at least finish out 2009. I'll be behind, but I'll try to do the 12-inchers that are presented for the rest of the year. Thanks for taking over, Hetty!