Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two ways to hope of Hartford

I made this block following directions, and then made it as a 12 inch block as a variation of a friendship star. Which do you prefer? I've been making the 10 and 12 inch blocks with the marbled fabric to fit in with a mystery challenge my guild did last year.

Here's another 12 incher, made using mistakes and leftovers from other block party blocks. This makes the 19th block with this fabric, and I'm now done.

Below is my row of 10 inch blocks which I'll need to upsize to 12 inches to fit my other challenge blocks. Check it out at http://scrapsandstrings.blogspot.com/.


Librarynan said...

The marbled fabric is really beautiful, Brenda... and you have used it well. Quite nice!

hetty said...

Oh! I love them all. Great marble fabric too!