Monday, September 14, 2009

Hope of Hartford

I was amazed as to how quickly this block came together and even the bias seams were a breeze. I had mentioned the last time we had a 10" block that I should dig out all my 10" blocks and take a picture of the group of them.

So here they are. The very first block we did was a 10" and mine was a bit short so I may have to redo that one or figure out something different for that block when it comes to putting this quilt together. I probably will need another 7 10" blocks to have enough for a lap size quilt with borders, since right now it would only measure 30" X 30" without the borders. If I took it to a 40" X 50" and add borders that would make it a decent size. Any ideas or suggestions?


hetty said...

Love your block! And love all of your 10-inch blocks together. Maybe some sashing and a couple of borders. I think it will look great!

Quilt Pixie said...

the colourway really sings with all those blocks together -- the blue is just wonderful in it.

Librarynan said...

What a nice quilt this will make, Vicki! The blue and the black-with-peony print makes a striking contrast to the lovely mottled pinkish fabric. Good idea to make each of the sizes in the same colors!