Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lord Nelson Conquered and Resurrection


Riley is showing how to make sure Lord Nelson doesn't escape the photography session. I think I've made this before for a swap of some kind but I can't remember. Nice and simple block though.

Speaking of nice and simple, the other block is Envelope Motif from week 28. I declared it dead to me at the time because I was having all kinds of problems making the units the right size. Today though it was well behaved and gave me no problems whatsoever.


Quilt Pixie said...

love the fabrics you used for the envelope motif -- very elegant :-)

Librarynan said...

Nice Lavender fabric, H. (Don't tell Riley...but what a face! How con you resist anything that kitty wants!)

hetty said...

Ohhh! Love the soft mauve fabrics! Nelson's Victory looks great too, but I can't see it very well. Move over Riley! Gosh! got to love that face!

Vicki said...

So much for Nelson's victory, I think Riley has taken over and who can resist such a charming face. Nice blocks by the way.