Monday, August 24, 2009

Rally 'Round the Graph Paper

This is my Rally 'Round block. Nice, eh? But I cheated.
A good, quilting friend of mine (no blog) loaned me a book called "24 Blocks You Never Dreamed You Could Paper Piece". She knows I love paper piecing! I didn't think I would get around to doing any of the blocks in this book right now because I still have way too much on my 'to-finish' list. So I decided to try paper piecing this week's block. I drew some crude 3-inch blocks onto graph paper and just went for it. I could have used some nicer fabric, I guess. It's all from my scrap bin. But it worked! And I am happy with the way the block turned out.


Quilt Pixie said...

you did a great job of drafting it for paper piecing -- and the purple/blue in the pink sure helps pull the block together well

Carol E. said...

WTG! I have never fashioned my own papers for paper piecing. I'm impressed.

Librarynan said...

Nice job, Hetty! The more I see this little block, the more I like it. You have a terrific scrap bin!