Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Everyone

I am so glad to join you - at last - I have finally worked it out, it was easy of course, my GD could probably have done it in the wink of an eye. lol
Well I have to introduce myself to you all; hmm, I am retired, hooray! I love Quilting with a vengeance, my life revolves around it, I stay calm [mostly] because of it.
I have two daughters, both grown up and gone, one married one divorced - it happens - she is the one who has given me the best GD in the World [my unbiased opinion of course!!!]
We are all Quilters, yes, even the GD who is 10 years old. This makes me very happy as you can imagine. I live in Northampton, England. Hubby and me celebrate our 40th W/anniv on Sunday, where did those years go?
I teach patchwork and quilting to a group I have had for many a year now, we meet once a month in a local hall. I do everything by machine nowadays as I have terrible problems with my hands, I do miss sewing by hand, but it happens and I get on with it. I love my machine, it is a Bernina, which, is very poorly at the moment, got to go to the sewing machine hospital before too long - IE; when I have the money to pay for the repairs!!!!
I have joined Postcard swaps on the Web and love making them and of course receiving them, my first love though is Quilts. QUilts quilts and yet more Quilts. I am looking forward to joining in with you in making as many as I can----!!!!---- of these wonderful blocks I keep seeing on here.
Well, as you can see, I am also a chatterbox, but I will now stop and let you get a rest. hahaha
Thanks for having me. [I hope I am doing this right!!]


Quilt Pixie said...

welcome Jan! it's great to have you joining us :-)

Vicki said...

Welcome aboard. I think you will have a fun time with us. Looking forward to seeing your blocks and have a great weekend.

hetty said...

Welcome to the Party Jan. I just went over to visit your blog. Don't have much time right now, so I will be back. Especially to check out the postcards!

Julie in the Barn said...

Hi, Jan. Welcome! This is a great bunch of ladies and I'm sure you will have a great time at the party.