Sunday, May 10, 2009

what week is it, anyway?

I've never been a huge fan of the fly-foot block -- it reminds me of spiders and I'm not super fond of spiders... anyway, I thought it would be boring to do it in just two colors so I used threem and it's still boring!I liked the union square block, although I kinda blew off a couple of points when I sewed the borders onto the square-in-square piece. The gold fabric is actually some of Ami Simm's apple pie filling -- I knew it would be good for something!


Vicki said...

I like the look of your block, nice combination of fabrics that really go well together.

hetty said...

I love the fabrics that you used! Yummy pie filling! This really makes the square in a square stand out! Fussy cutting the centre also looks great!

hetty said...

Oops, almost forgot about the flyfoot block. It looks great too. In the two colours it looks even more like ribbons to me! No spiders allowed!