Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"X" marks the spot

Life is feeling a little overwhelming right now. I so want spring to be here, and we've had a significant amount of snow fall the last couple of days. Its depressing. Finding the energy to get to this block was all about following through on a commitment I made to everyone -- so thank you for being here and getting me off my backside :-)

The colour choices kind of reflect the mood I'm in -- dark and dreary. Pretty enough block, but I'm hoping that life will seem cheerier by this weekend and I'll be playing in bright loud fabrics for the next one! :-)


Kathryn said...

My heart goes out to anyone living in a part of the country still under the spell of winter. The first snows of winter can be fun, but not ones coming in March and April. I hope it melts quickly and that the sun shines on you soon. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's block.

Librarynan said...

Hey, Donna! Nice color choices - I really like the "double X" in your block. Subtle rather than dreary, m'dear... sometimes we have to have hard parts in our lives to appreciate the flaty ones. Spring is coming, but I'm sorry it is so snowy for you all.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Yep I was thinking that the colors are subtle too, not necessarily depressing. Your quilting is beautiful!