Friday, April 3, 2009

week 14

So we start the 4th month, with a choice in our block... the directions are for either a 9" or 12" (assuming you're using the instructions on Quilter's Cache...)

Cathy's Star involves lots of points to match up. Guess I'll see if I've really improved in my abilities! :-) It also looks like the value/colour choices will make a big difference on which star you see :-)

Its been a while since we've worked with so many small pieces (59 of them I think) in the block. I think, given their size I'm off to make up a new batch of starch... Maybe I should just enlarge the pattern and use it as a table topper, doubling everything to make a 24" inch block would be almost sane :-)


Living on the Spit said...

QP...could you possibly give me the cutting requirements for the 24" block?

And the starch recipe as well.

Vicki said...

Oh my, back to the challenging ones. I don't think we have ever had a block where the instructions went on for 4 pages and using 6 colours. This should be interesting.

hetty said...

24 inches? How about 36 inches? It's a beautiful block though! But it's like a whole quilt in and of itself! Yes, the starch recipe please.