Monday, February 16, 2009

More Wonky-ness

Brenda was right, these "Wonky Stars" Bushfire Blocks are dead easy - combine that with the helpful feeling one gets from making them, and they are a clear winner. I'm not a very fast piecer, but these took me about an hour each... counting finding appropriate scraps for the stars and figuring out how to do the blocks. (THEN I saw the link for the tutorial, lol!) Do some, you'll be the better person for it. Tia needs to have them soon so she can get the Alice Springs Guild working on the setting before the Curtis family is transferred elsewhere in June. Check out the Bushfire Project blog.
OK, now I'm ready to do the "Lucky Stars" block, but NO WAY I'm making it an eight-incher! I re-calculated my square to finish at 12.5, because I don't see well enough, nor am I a good enough seamstress to do all those tiny HSTs.

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Vicki said...

Nice wonky stars and good luck with the lucky star.