Friday, January 9, 2009

Week #2 -- "foot stool"

The second Friday in January, and time for another block party!

This week's block is "foot stool", another 10" block! :-) This one has lots of little triangles, and some more speed piecing of Half Square Triangles which I'll be doing the non-speedy way... With only two colours, a little better understanding of how the instructions at Quilter's Cache are written I think it should be easier for me to make it quite scrappy this week. Now to just figure out the colour scheme to use :-)

Remember if you didn't play along last week, or did but didn't get the email inviting you to post your block in that blog, feel free to let me know over on the quiltpixie blog you want to play this week and I'll get you added to the fun! :-) You don't have to have a personal blog -- just am email to join us as authors.

This is intended as a low stress challenge -- so make the blocks you want! You don't have to play every week by joining up for this challenge if its too often for you, or life is getting in the way!!


Anonymous said...

I haven't done week one yet, but I am going to make sure I do both blocks this weekend!

Quilt Pixie said...

Beth, it'd be great to see blocks for both weeks but the point is low stress! you wont be thrown out of the party if a block isn't done -- really and truly do the ones that speak to you and fit in life... That said there's no reason you can't do two in one week if you want to... :)

Living on the Spit said...

Yes, no one is ever allowed to be thrown out...we are friendly partiers here...LOL

I am off to do my many triangles. I actually love to make triangles...I am weird like that.