Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks for the invitation to Block #1

Thanks for allowing me to join in with the fun. I saw the details on Carol E's blog and thought it was a good chance to try some new blocks to piece. I tend to make the same old ones so that I can get them done quickly for donation quilts so this will extend me a bit. I've included a photo of my first block but the photo quality isn't very good.
I'm going to use my scraps for the blocks as I have a lot or pre-cut squares which need to be used and this will stretch my colour choices a bit too. Now for Block #2.


Carol E. said...

Hi, JJ!! I also tend to make the same again and again. I like your scrappy version!

Living on the Spit said...

That has such a country feel to it! What a gorgeous block you made.

I really LOVE this whole concept that Quilt Pixie put together here. It gives us all a chance to "get out of the block" rut and to learn not only from the new blocks but to share ideas and thoughts with each other.

I feel like I am in class with all of you!!!

Welcome to the party!


Anonymous said...

QuiltPixie, if you're reading these comments, reread Marlene's comment above, as it summarizes my thoughts as well. I also feel like I'm in a class and getting a chance to study different color arrangements, and the best part IT's FREE. Thank-you for this.

JJ - I like the country feel to your block as well. The deep red and brown stand out. Great approach with the scrappies.

em's scrapbag said...

I like the scrappy feel to your block. And it is fun to see that we have some of the same fabric. Great minds think alike. hee, hee.