Friday, January 2, 2009

So, I drew a number, consulted my list of possible blocks, and found that the first block er're doing in 2009 is "Broken Dishes Variation" . This is a 10"block, and is shown with three fabrics (2 colours) in the Quilter's Cache instructions.... Don't know whether I'll be that restrained or not, but I'm off to check out my scraps and give the block a try -- we'll see how many points I amputate along the way.

Why not hop over there, read the instructions, check out your scraps, and make a block along with me? :-)

As I've said before I'm not planning for any one fabric to appear in all the blocks I do, nor any particular colour way. What will tie them all together will be their orphan status and the fact the colours in the block spoke to me the day I made the block for some reason.... Its a great chance to use some different colour combinations and/or unusual fabrics! Come on, you know you want to play... its just one little 10" block.... sometime this week... that's like sometime in the next 168 hours! ;-)

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