Sunday, January 4, 2009

Second colour layout

Inspired by Marlene's first block I wanted to make a second attempt at this block, making it more my own :-) The block on the left is the result. (the one on the right was my first try, following the colour layout from Quilter's Cache)

I like that, having done the block once, I was able to figure out what size to cut individual pieces, and so made this scrappy -- no speed piecing of those half square triangles.... I do like the completely different effect moving the red/pink placements around a little gave... I like that I was able to adjust and try out a few things, getting the block to be the right size... I don't particularly like the block though...

I'm off to focus on other quilting now until next Friday. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's blocks, and the differences created by our colour choices/layouts. I know there are a couple of others who are intending to post their blocks in the next few days, so my precision muse will live vicariously off them 'til Friday :-)


Living on the Spit said...

I LOVE it. It is happy and has positive energy!!!

I think it's cool.

I like to think outside the box...expecialy in construction.

I keep graph paper and colored pens around me all the time.


Carol E. said...

Great 2nd block! I love pink and yellow together. It sings!

hetty said...

I love your 2nd block! This would make a great secondary pattern in a whole quilt!

Jeanne said...

This bright warm color combo is great!