Monday, July 18, 2011

Kathie's Forest Paths - Week 29

This week was a simple one for me because I already had the pinwheel part of the block made. Whenever I have a leftover scrap of fabric left from a project, I make it into 9-patches or HSTs or pinwheels if I happen to have 4 matching HSTs. This is leftover fabric from a Thimbleberries project I did a while ago and they were just sitting in my bin of quilt parts. I still had some of the blue, so I used that for the border. I took the picture outside, and it's a good thing they aren't chocolate, because they would have melted. The worst of the heat is on its way. Wouldn't you know that the worst will be on Friday when I plan to go to NYC to see the star quilts at the Folk Art Museum Annex. Kathie L in Allentown

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hetty said...

Those are so pretty, Kathie! I love how organized you are. My leftovers just go into a huge bin, never to be found again. Good luck with that heat! It's supposed to hit us on Thursday. Enjoy the Folk Art Museum!