Friday, July 29, 2011

Interlocked Squares - Week 31

I wasn't going to post a block this week because the heat and humidity have left me light headed.  But we are getting a little bit of rain today - a tiny little bit, so I will post a block called 'Interlocked Squares'.  It's only 6 inches square, but the construction of the seams might be a bit challenging.

Are you enjoying a long weekend where you are?  Enjoy it if you do!


mb. said...

thanks for this block! I have been looking for a simple block that doesn't look like every other beginner block. I will post my efforts as I try to adapt it for swapping.

June D said...

Hetty - Hope the weather gets better soon for you.
Thanks for posting the block. I'm working on FMQing this past week and think I'll be working on that for next week too...
: )