Friday, June 17, 2011

Broken Sugar Bowl - Week 25

This week's block is called, "Broken Sugar Bowl".  It is a 12inch block.  I don't know how many people are still out there following the Friday Block Party.  Please let me know who you are.  I may have to stop posting new blocks for the summer if there is no one out there any more.


Mego said...

Hi! I've been following along but actually only making the 10" blocks. I was hooked at the elephant and faithfully did every block for a 'future' kid quilt. I love this site but can TOTALLY understand taking the summer off. Regardless, you'll stay in my blog list until September rolls around again! THANK YOU!

Librarynan said...

Hey, Hetty!
My life was pretty crazy for a while there - no blogging, no FBP, no quilting fir that matter. If you are going to have a "summer vacation" for FBP, I can totally unerstand... I'll be waiting to continue - there are enough blocks in the "archives" to keep me busy; I've started up again quilting.

mb. said...

I'm still here & enjoying the blocks you post! I don't always/often have the chance to make them; I tend to do two or three in a swoop & those are generally weeks behind but I do log in every week & fantasize about when I will have time to make them all!

Thank you thank you for all your work.

June D said...

I'm still here - busy over the summer with Irish visitors and the

: )