Thursday, June 2, 2011

June's Week 22: Liberated Leaf

I had fun making this leaf!  The curves are a welcomed challenge and it feels nice to be free in the colors and fabric I use (and not be using gray as the background)....!!!

I read the directions, then got sidetracked with testing what would happen if I cut a piece of fabric with a curve and resewed it back together (and repeated a few times).   It was a good exercise and made me more comfortable with doing this block.  I found it really helped me line up the fabric when I started the cut with a little straight area.

Tip:  Remember to include the side veins in the leaf before you sew it to the stem.  I had a little ripping to do as I was so concentrating on the curves in the leaves.  I didn't have a strip of brown handy so I made my branch yellow....  I made our now 23-year old son a pair of pants out the branch material... he was probably 3- or 4-years old.  'lellow was his favorite color.

: )  
June in San Diego


hetty said...

Your leaf looks great June. I haven't had a chance to do mine yet.

June D said...

Thank you!