Saturday, May 21, 2011

June's Week 21: Gay Two-Patch Quilt

I'm not sure what happened for me with this block.  If you look you'll see that my three smaller blocks on the outside are all consistently too large. 

I put on my liberated hat and just sewed it together.
It ends up 10.5 square, so I'm happy.

I forgot to invite you all to join in the Liberated Round Robin - you might be interested for a little change of pace.

It's a summer project.  Guidelines for adding rows will be posted every three weeks.... So there will still be time to do the FBP!

This block could be both the initial center block and the first row as they are triangles!

: )
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Kathryn said...

It looks like we were both in the orange/green mode this week. You'd have to look awfully close to see that the points aren't exact, and what real quilter looks that close. I think it is vibrant! Kathie L in Allentown

June D said...

Thanks Kathie! You are right of course. I'm liking this block more and more....