Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Week 18 - Tangram Rabbit

The Easter Lily block was beautiful, Hetty.

Oh my, I was like the White Rabbit and was late with posting this block for Easter!  It's still not too late to make a tangram rabbit to add to your collection of animal blocks.

To make the rabbit just print the pattern you select so it's as large as possible on one piece of paper, draw the cutting lines, cut the pattern apart into sections, then number the order you will sew the pieces, and paper piece the rabbit!  Tip: If you aim to have a 10.5 unfinished block, be sure to add the side pieces in your pattern (like I forgot to do).  But if you forget you can always add a border until the block is the size you would like.

The tangram rabbit patterns I liked the most came from this website:

The handout is a PDF:

I picked the forward standing rabbit - here is the order I did the piecing:

I cut the diagram into the five lettered sections then did the piecing (adding seam to the edges of the sections so I could then join E to D, C to B and then added those to the A section).

Just for fun, here is a link to an impressive tangram quilt:

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