Friday, April 1, 2011

I made the Tulip block this morning. It's an easy one and took little time. I might be persuaded to do a whole quilt with these. I really like them. This one is 9inches finished. And this one is 10inches finished. I just cut the middle strips 2 1/2in. by 4 1/2in. and the centre square 2 1/2in. square. Hope you have as much fun with yours as I had with mine.


Kathryn said...

Thanks for showing this block in both a 9 and 10 inch size. I'm going to go with your 10 inch change so that it goes with my others. Kathie L in Allentown

Librarynan said...

Like the 10" size, Hetty... this one looks easy enough to get my Springtime juices flowing!
Cheers, Nan

June Dodge said...

Thanks for doing the figuring out on this block - looks really nice.

What do you do with all your blocks?