Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kathie's Marion's Choice - Week 1

I'm starting out 2011 with a new color theme. Last year I was using up Thimbleberries fabric, and this year for the 10-inch squares I'm going to be using bright colors. My plan is to use them for a donation quilt for a child - either Project Linus, Quilts for Kids, or a local charity in my town. I find that if I set a purpose for the blocks, especially if it's a charity, I'm more likely to continue making them. I look forward to seeing what blocks Hetty chooses this year. Kathie L in Allentown


Jennifer said...

good vission and mission.



June Dodge said...

I'm always drawn to red and yellow... Will be so nice to see your blocks in your new color theme.

Makes me rethink my choices, but I already have so much grey and pink guess I'll just enjoy the red and yellow thru your posts!

: )

alex said...

What a wonderful pattern and beautiful colors of blocks. keep posting..
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