Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've been missing from the party for some time now, but had to jump back in for this block! In fact I've signed up to use it as my birthday block in a little exchange group, so next month I should have cool dozen to put together. I can't wait!


ByTheSea said...

where can I get the block instructions thank you ... Joy

June Dodge said...

Julie - What a fun idea! Twelve different elephants will be very cute. I'm still thinking about making a pink one for my zoo...

Joy - You just need to scroll down to see the post with information on the block - they are posted each Friday.
So click on the header of blog then scroll down the messages - about five messages down from the cute blue elephant.

: )

Jeanne said...

Soooo cute Julie!
Jeanne :)

Myra said...

A wonderful elephant block! Love your background fabric!