Thursday, October 28, 2010

Card basket week 37

Yup,  you read that right, I am just now posting week 37.  In even more embarrassing news, this is the first Friday Block Party I have done in 7 months.  Every week I faithfully print the pattern, put it in the file folder I have for FBP patterns & then the minutes tick away until I print the next week's pattern.  All I can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank you for keeping this site open even to deadbeats like me!

It recently dawned on me I could use the FBP block for a block swap I am in & kill two birds with one stone.  I went back through the patterns to find one that me the dimension requirement & was (what I thought was) two color.  Then I proceeded o under-cut the center block, etc. etc.  I don't know what to say except there was nothing wrong with the directions, just my hurried interpretation.

Other than dimension (which is given by the  swap-master), the only other guideline I had was a preference for more modern fabrics, such as Amy Butler, which this is & unusual color combos, which this is not (the white fabric, while not so dull as a solid is a very conventional white-on-white pin dot).  Flipping the light versus dark was as brave as I could be. 

Now that this 2 birds/1 stone thing has occurred to me, maybe a stand a better chance of getting caught up.  or at least falling behind more slowly.   I might even make this very block again, given similar instructions, as I really like the way it came out.


hetty said...

Glad I'm not the only one who is behind and making mistakes in measuring. I posted a block this afternoon on my Crafts and Stuff blog. I am killing a couple of birds too. But so far I have used three stones for one bird. Anyway, thanks for sticking in there. I was seriously thinking of not posting a block tomorrow, but now I guess I will.

hetty said...

I forgot to leave a comment about your block. I really like the centre square just sort of floating in there.

Kathryn said...

Welcome back. I like the fabric you used for this one, of course green is my favorite color. Kathie L in Allentown

Quilter Kathy said...

It's lovely!
I laughed out loud at your line "falling behind more slowly"...loved it!