Saturday, February 27, 2010

OH, NO... Moths!

When I saw the word "MOTH" in the title of last week's block... I almost couldn't make it! Moths aren't my favorite, and I have no cool stories like Hetty's about the moths she and her daughter watched at the airport. I decided NOT to be a wuss, and went ahead with construction... but I forgot to "hand it in". Maybe half credit for late work, Mrs. G??? A nine-inch block that doesn't go with anything, but it was fun.

I'm "turning in" this week's block right now, since I made them both at the same time... used the same blue star print. That's the last you'll see of it; a fat quarter only lasts so long. This 12" block is part of the red, blue, and maybe-white collection.
I have to get a design wall so I can take photos head-on...


hetty said...

When I hear someone call me Mrs G, I feel as if I am back at school. Glad you decided to make the moths. It looks great! I like this week's block too! And there is no such thing as half marks at this party. Everyone who does a blocks gets a full credit!

Quilter Kathy said...

Nice blocks! I really like that blue star fabric...too bad it's gone :(