Monday, February 1, 2010

New Year, New Colors

Last year I chose to do all the 12" and 10" blocks in homespuns and plaids. I'm happy to report that during the year my skills using those contrary fabrics improved dramatically. I think I have almost enough blocks for 2 quilt tops. But I've gotten tired of using those fabrics. Frankly I'm sick of them. The smaller FBP blocks were all done in those really bright fabrics that became Jackson's Jungle, a quilt for my newest grandbaby's first birthday in April. It is all done and already wrapped in garrish, jungle print wrapping paper!

So all blocks this year are open to any fabrics that are laying about in my sewing room. I picked up some fat 8ths and 1/2 yd cuts on my recent trip to coastal Calif. and decided to make the last 2 blocks from those fabrics. I have enough left to make a few more blocks that will probably become a nice little table topper at some point.

First, week 4 Odd's and Ends

I didn't bother to read the construction directions, since I found them less than user friendly last year and, like several other Partiers, I resized this block to 12".I chose to re-arrange the fabrics a bit. I love these Autumn-y colors.

Week 5, Mother's Dream.

I used the same fabrics because they were already laying on the cutting mat. Thank you, Kathie, for the construction directions. This block was a breeze and turned out nice and square and flat.

I vow to stay caught up each week this year except for the times I am out of town. I love the challenge of these new blocks and have learned so much about block construction over the last year. It is so nice to have some new members as well as "old" members that have come back to play.

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hetty said...

I love the new colours!