Saturday, February 20, 2010

Midnight Moths at Midnight

I was pleasantly surprised! This block was not as difficult as I had first thought. When I saw those 'hourglass' moth units I sort of panicked. But they are just simple HSTs and gave me no problem at all. I really like this block. I made this block at midnight last night. Fitting, I think, for a block called 'Midnight Moths'. I now have a total of 12 9inch blocks. Most of them have kid fabrics in them, so I think it is time to put them together.

Just as an aside, allow me to tell you why this block brought back some great memories for me. A few years ago my DD and I took a trip down to Cuba. It was a fantastic vacation, beautiful beaches, wonderful hills to climb, snorkeling, swimming, horseback riding, boating, nightly dancing and daily sitting my the pool! But when we got to the airport for our trip home, we were told that there was something wrong with the door latch on the plane and there was a possibility of it opening when we were 35,000 feet in the air! Since no one relished the idea of being sucked into space, we spent the night in the airport. I use the term 'in' loosely, since it was a very tiny airport and everything was outside, including the waiting area. There was a bit of awning, but it wasn't big enough to hold everyone. So my DD and I spent the night in the open, watching the moths encircle the gigantic lamps that lit up the tarmac. Those moths were huge! This block brought a smile to my face as I remembered that trip. Although it wasn't much fun spending the night out in the open, we made the most of things, as we always do, and enjoyed the spectacular moth show!


Julie in the Barn said...

Nice block, Hetty. And a fun story about the moth show. Being a US citizen, I'm not allowed to travel to Cuba so your trip sounds intriguing.

Librarynan said...

Glad this block wasn't as intimidating as the pattern looks... and nice that you have a cool Cuba story to go along with it!