Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Five...

No, Wait! Wasn't that the title of an Education Initiative in California a few years back? Not what I meant at all!!! I meant that I'm finally back with the FBP, and I'm caught up (where I hope to be all year, thank you very much!)
Thanks to Hetty for stepping up and continuing the party; hope to see Donna's comments occasionally, and wish for her a more serene 2010!
There has been plenty of weirdness down here, with strange weather, interesting relationships, and general excitability. But I think that is all past now (hope, hope...) and the year should begin to "line out" a bit.
We who drive livestock understand that term, and if you don't want an explanation, skip this next part...
In the beginning of moving a herd (cattle or horses), there is lots of confusion and dust, and lots of moving along at different speeds. Eventually, the herd settles down and the leaders aren't feeling the need to run down the trail anymore. They set a reasonable pace, and the rest of the stock following their lead settle into a rough line behind them, with the "drag riders" keeping the stragglers from getting totally lost. How is that for totally un-quilty bit of trivia?
Anyway, my year is lining out, and I'm finally back in the space I want to be - so "LET'S PARTY!" I still have trouble getting the text to ine up with the pictures, but if I only post one photo a week, that problem should take care of itself, too!
I declare this year my own personal "Year of the UFO" and "Not Buying That"... Since I have about 10 of those huge plastic tubs full of fabric, not buying more isn't really a hardship - but the blocks may come out with some really odd and ancient (80's???) fabric in them. Here goes...

The first block is "Wheel of Time" in solids. I've never made a block that had no print or 'texture' in it at all, so this is a first... sort of Amish-looking. Not my favorite block ever, but not bad.

"Another Star" was from week two. I'm going to make all the 12" blocks in reds, blues, and whites (or a variation - but those colors predominately) until I get enough that Play Well Together to make into a quilt. Then maybe I'll switch colors? Controlled chaos.

Next is "Quatrefoil". I really liked this one; very straightforward block, with possibility of secondary pattern if one were to make a "One Block Quilt" (never done that - could be interesting!) Repeat of the R/W/B colors as it is 12"block.

Odds 'n' Ends was just that. A tiny block, and I found some blue strips from a backing that were just wide enough to do. The green print is from a dress I made for my daughter when she was in Kindergarten (she's now 29!), so it is dated... but I like the flowers.
Both fabrics were quite soft and the block isn't as even as I'd have liked, but it will never show! Keystoning in the picture doesn't help either.
This last one is "Mothers Dream" - actually the block for this week. Thanks to Kathy for the "How to..." regarding the use of the square, strips and triangles. You are right; far less bulk, and much easier construction.


Julie in the Barn said...

You have been a busy bee! Good job. It's nice to have you back.

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

I love your blocks. The look great. I love the print from your daughters dress but then maybe I had a similar one when I was girl or something.