Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robin comes home

** Edited to add: this post was "supposed" to be on my personal blog, not the block party blog, but I messed up! I'm going to leave it here, though, since it shows the blocks for a cool sampler quilt! Feel free to ignore the bird... **

I'm a sucker for swaps, although I do try to keep it in check somewhat. One of my little yahoo groups does a set of round or row robins every year, and I just got my package back!

The top row was my starting row, and it actually came from another swap a couple of years ago! Five other quilters made me sets of 6 blocks to go along, using batik colors and various black backgrounds. I love the way it all came out -- the variety of blocks, the whimsy in the second row (what's in that jug, anyway?) and the colors. Some of my favorite quilts have come from these swaps.

In my continuing quest to capture birds on "film", I bring you the common titmouse. This guy is a little piggy when it comes to my bird feeder!

Blogger is having font issues tonight -- for some reason it keeps trying to revert to times new roman even though my default is ariel... maybe it's the weather.


Librarynan said...

Blogger is being very wierd, Julie. he tiny birs are sweet, but the qilt top is quite wonderful!Interesting to see "What goes around comes around" (or whatever the saying is...) isn't it?

jan said...

Love the Quilt, well done, super blocks in there. Also the little bird is quite sweet really, bet he would love the quilt for his nest.....