Monday, November 30, 2009


Bet you all thought I had forgotten about these blocks. No way! I have been a bit busy on other things. I am now in catch up mode again. I pulled a load of fabric from the cupboard at cut it into strips which I thought were the most popular sizes used for these blocks and have been gaily chopping away. Here are the results so far....

Here are my strips...

and off I go...
Queen Charlotte's Crown - Week 31

Hearth and Home - Week 30

Mrs Morgan's Choice - Week 29

1930's Square - Week 24

1941 Nine Patch - Week 23

Z Cross - Week 26

Leap Frog - Week 12

Rally Round - Week 34

Envelope Motif - Week 28

Windmill 2 - Week 27

Rotunda - Week 3

Triangle Chain - Week 25

You may notice slight differences in my blocks and the printed ones on Quilter's Cache, I just decided I would do them a quicker way from some of the instructions given!!! Oops! Sometimes I went wrong too! Oh well, can't be helped, I am getting there I go to make more of the backlog blocks.


Kathryn said...

I admire your output. They look great. I agree with you that in many cases the Quilter's Cache directions are not the most efficient way to piece the blocks and like to go my own way.
Kathie L. from Allentown

floribunda... aka Julie said...

great job, Jan! I really like some of those subtle fabric combinations.

Rosa-Munda said...

Wow Jan,
Did I count 12 blocks?!! Brilliant!

jan said...

Hi Kathryn,
They drive me crazy sometimes the way she has put them down, I am ignoring them more and more of late...

Hi Julie,
Unfortunately some are a tad too subtle, but I didn't look at the colours used as I didn't want to be led in any way, print in black and white then all you see is dark, medium light. Works for me...sometimes...hahaha...

Hi Ros,
Thought I had best get on with some as I was soooo far behind, cut out another ten tonight...I am on a roll...
lol Jan x

hetty said...

Way to go! I can't tell if you didn't do them the way they were supposed to be done. They all look fantastic to me!

Julie in the Barn said...

Wow! You are a piecing whirlwind. I'm inspired to try to catch up, too.

I sure agree about the directions given to cut the parts. I totally ignore them at this point. I always use my Easy Angle for the HST and use my pre-cut strips.

jan said...

Hi Hetty,
If you saw how I sewed them up you would probably have a fit, hee hee, bits all over the place, but it all seemed to come right in the end. Mind you, you should see my floor.....oh dear!!!!!

Hello Julie in the Barn,
Go for it, I am determined to be up to speed before the last block appears, I have been cutting and sewing again today, more piccies tomorrow.
Oh, blow me I have an Easy Angle, didn't think to use that...DOH...
I will watch for your catch up piccies...