Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colors too soft for a rainy afternoon

I am working my way backwards & forwards, trying to use fabric that will go together, or at least has gone together in quilts past, all with a vague idea of making a strange sort of sampler quilt at some pount.  & vague seems to be just the right word. 

First "thats my baby" which is a great big yawn.  Even in person.  I did not have much of either the gold or the purple to do much & thought this would be an ideal spot. The overall effect is uhmmmm restful *yawn*.  The squares were kind of small, but not a difficult block in my view.  If I were going to make it it 'in real life' I think I would use many random scraps for the little squares.

For every block forward I (hope, try) make a block going backwards & this is "cross in a cross".  I was not looking forward to it as sewing bias edges puts me off, but I actually kind of  enjoyed this one.  These colors look just as dull as the others (one is indeed in the other) but it has more snap in person.  I would make this block again, have already started thinking of other tone-on-tone scrap combos sitting in the scrap basket.

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hetty said...

I really like your 'cross in a cross'. The centre looks so soft, almost as if it has been covered with gauze or something. I like that look. AS for the 'baby', I think it turned out great! This one looked sort of boring to me and I haven't even done it yet.