Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 42 - Baton Rouge

Here's last week's block which turned out a bit wonky on the edges but it will do since I will be adding sashing to all these 10" blocks before they become a quilt top. It's one way to ensure that the final size of all the blocks will be the same.

I did look at this week's block but when you have measurements like 11/16" or 3/8", that's getting a bit too intense for my liking. I know I've come a long way with my piecing but I know there is no way that I can cut something that accurately.

Hetty you did a great job at paper piecing this week's block, unfortunately I'm just learning that side of quilting and am not quite sure where to start in creating my own patterns. I think that will be something for later down the road.


Blogless me said...

You have chosen really beautiful fabrics for your block. I like the twist you made to the original one to make it look like a fish - cute!

hetty said...

Hey Vicki! Come over some time and I will show you how to draft just about any pattern into a paper pieced one.