Friday, October 30, 2009

Still Catching Up...

I'm having a realy hard time getting all four of these photos to "stick" onto this post! Well, maybe if I'd just do the blocks weekly (instead of weakly?)and post them one at a time, this blogging thing would work out better for me. We'll see.
Anyway, I'm trying to post photos of blocks 40-43 in reverse order... earliest first. This first one is "Fools Puzzle". I really like the bright green bubble fabric, too bad I'm almost out of it! The blues are too similar, so the silly birds don't show off as well as I'd like. This block will go into the "Kid Quilt" for Valley of the Moon Children's Center in California.

Next is "Flight of Swallows", one of my all-time favorite patterns. I made my niece Leena's graduation quilt of this blockand it turned out nicely... I did each bird square 12", though. The Batik and Hawaiian Print quilt looked very crisp without sashing - just a self-border of the darker fabric. (And a thin strip of bright pink Batik to releive the all-blue look). These aren't the fabrics I used, but I found it hard to see this pattern in any but the same colors I used!

"Album Star" is the next one. This is a sweet little 'girly' block... (do you supppose I think it is girly because of the fabrics I chose, or did I choose the fabric because it is a girly block?) I could just see it as a baby shower present - not made by me, though... I like HSTs, but I don't like doing bias triangles. Maybe working with them could be a new challenge for me, eh?

This final block is "Blind Man's Fancy" and you'd have to be blind to fancy making this again! The center square really was an odd size. I made it a skooch bigger, but should have gone even larger to get the points to meet better. I found the 'long' strips to be too short as well, but whatever. Sometimes directions are odd.
I really liked the way this block came out, even if it is 13" instead of the 12 1/2" it is supposed to be.
Off to do week 44 now... maybe.

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hetty said...

Nice catch ups! I love your 'flight of the swallows'. The others are very nice too. This week's block is easy even if it looks difficult.