Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh My Stars!

Hetty's warnings on this week's block made me wary. I read the directions carefully and realized that there are several bias edges to deal with and there-in lies the rub. So my strategy was to be extra super careful handling the pieces, especially when pressing. It paid off because my block turned out well on the first try. The itty, bitty triangles are a pain to work with and it almost felt like I was making a miniature block in the beginning. The cute animal cracker print is an ancient scrap and I wasn't able to fussy cut it because of the way the animals are printed. It will make another colorful addition to the Grandson quilt I'm assembling from the smaller FBP blocks.


Quilt Pixie said...

I can almost picture little beady eyes on the yellow sections of your star making four little cat heads poking out around the centre... :-)

hetty said...

Nice block Julie! Glad it worked for you. Love your animal prints!

Melissa said...

Very nicely done!