Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whewww! All Caught Up.

Well, except for the new one QP posted yesterday. It looks like a good one so I'll get on it this weekend. But I did get all the others done. So here you go....

Week #31~Queen Charlottes Crown. I loved Hetty's history lesson. It made this block all the more interesting. Done in homespuns.

Week #30~ Hearth & Home. This one looked so easy I didn't even bother to read the directions but just used 2 & 1/2" strips & squares I already had cut.

Week #29~ Mrs. Morgans Choice. I didn't care for the design of this block so I copied Kathie. Sometimes it seems like Quilter's Catch makes these blocks more difficult than they need to be by using all those little pieces when a larger piece would do just as well.

Week #28~ Envelope Motif. What's with that name? It look's like a star pattern of some sort. Shouldn't it be Star Something-or-other?

Week #27~Windmill 2. This was a smaller block so I used those bright fabrics for my grandbaby quilt. I've got some multi-colored polka dot fabric I will sash it with to tie the blocks together. Jackson is going to need sunglasses when he's laying on it.

Week #26~Z Cross. I actually did this block back in June but apparently I never posted it here. I was quite intrigued by the secondary pattern created with multiple blocks and actually put together a small wall hanging.

The wall hanging has a nice primative look to it so I am quilting it with that heavy perle cotton and using a big stitch. I've never tried that before and I'm having a heck of a time. I'm not sure how to bury the knots. I may do some machine quilting to finish it up because the heavy perle cotton stuff is a real pain to stitch with.


Librarynan said...

Nice job, Julie... Guess my froggie stuff should go into a kid quilt as well. So bright... you are right about Jackson and the sunglasses! tee hee #8-)

Vicki said...

Congratulation Julie on a job well done. I still have 6 blocks to do before I;m caught up and that will be a while before that happens. To much going on with quilt projects that need to get done before I go back and do them.