Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 31

I had some lovely gold batik for this block, Queen Charlotte's Crown, which turned out really nicely. I was curious as to why this name - so checked it out. It's a very old block from the American Revolution honouring Queen Charlotte, King George's wife and America's last Queen!

I quite like the idea of a quilt made from this block, so used my two-sided mirror to see what it would look like.

I'm quite tempted!



Vicki said...

I like the richness of your gold batik fabric, it really gives it a nice depth.

hetty said...

Ohhhh! Love that gold batik!

Carol E. said...

Very pretty! Did you notice that the one set of HSTs in your lower left corner is set "wrong"? It's not going the same direction as the set in the opposite corner. Could be what you wanted... just pointing it out in case you meant to do it as the pattern shows.