Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 33: Back Again

Hi, Ladies! My summer projects are finished (except for painting the house!) and Daughter Erin is off to her overseas teaching post, so I'm back to quilting small projects and UFOs - one of the UFOs, though not exactly an "object", is to catch up with you all on FBP!

So... here is my "Northumberland Star". I made it in Christmas fabric because I didn't like one of the blocks assigned for another BOM I'm doing and this nice block can do double duty. I really like the block, but I absoluely hated all the potentially wobbly-edged diagonal pieces! I really don't like the way the feed dogs grab at the fabric when it is on the bias! My points came out OK and the block did finish at 12 1/2" like it was supposed to, so my piecing technique is getting better.

Not so much for my photographic technique, though. I took the picture outside (we're having another really hot day - the 10th one that will be a record-breaker) and the gold print caught the light funny... and the green leaves at some of the corners makes it look like I missed more points than I did - I did miss a couple. Need to get better at NOT "key-stoning" the pictures, too!

Overall the block is elegant, and I could see making a whole quilt of these - but not in just three colors! I'd have to go scrappy with the points maybe (change out the greens for multi-color), and keep the center (all the red bits)and BG consistent.


Quilt Pixie said...

your idea for how to turn this into a scrappy block are helpful. I'm rather concerned about all those bias edges, but maybe I'll get to it soon... :-)

hetty said...

I love your fabrics! Your points are dead on! The size is right! The photography is fine! And I love your ideas for future scappy blocks. So what's your problem, girl? You did good!!!

Carol E. said...

You're your harshest critic. It looks great! Celebrate that, not the tiny, measly, imaginary mistakes you can see.

Vicki said...

The Christmas fabrics look great in this block. You are brave if you can see making a whole quilt of these blocks. I'm in the same camp as Donna, still thinking about making the first one LOL.