Monday, July 27, 2009


Trying desperately to catch up with everyone, I cut out a few more to make as and when, as I could and when I can basically. I have had to send my beloved Bernina to be fixed--don't ask-- I am using a Janome at the moment and it is driving me nuts, I cannot get on with it at all. They say a bad workman blames his tools... I am all over the place with the machine, but have got to do them, so just carried on as best I could. I took these pictures with a white lace cloth behind them, had to really cut them quite a lot so as to block out the hideous white lace - not a good look at all.
Bouncing Betty - WEEK 15
she sure did bounce!!

Chain & Cross - WEEK 17
I am thinking these are strange names for some of the blocks...

Union Square - WEEK 19
looks like Bear Paw to me...

Pinwheel #4 - WEEK 20
spot the mistake - not deliberate -
a moments concentration flew out the window
it is staying as is...

Hayes Corner - WEEK 21
an odd block to be sure, but it makes a lovely quilt...

Starflower - WEEK 22
zipped up in no time...


I was making this as Dakota Gold - WEEK 16
I kept thinking, this is the same as Starflower, why am I making two
the same? Should have stopped, I hadn't printed the first page out had I -
doh! so of course didn't see the picture properly, this too will stay as is,
but I will make the proper block - eventually...

Lessons learned from these blocks, don't let your concentration waver, don't sew when you are tired, choose your colours in the daylight, make sure you are reading the pattern properly


Quilt Pixie said...

you're doing a great job on these! I love the fabrics you chose for your chain and cross :-)

floribunda... aka Julie said...

great blocks! I am not spotting the mistake in the pinwheel... so maybe no one else will, either.

jan said...

Hi QP, many thanks, I am really enjoying these, no pressure on me. Great stuff. Jan

Hey Julie
Maybe I shouldn't have said anything, hahaha, No I always own up to mistakes....well nearly always. :-) Jan