Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My relaxation time is making these blocks.

Patch as Patch Can
....WEEK 6......
what does that mean? These patches are put in so precisely to make the pattern, there seems to be no 'patch as can' about this block. Can you see I boobed on the dark fabric, I used the wrong side sometimes...Oh well!!

My Lucky Stars...WEEK 7
Oh yeah! With 69 pieces to this 8" - yes I stuck to that size crazy person -I cannot see anything 'lucky' in it, only how it went together - surprisingly easy!!

Morning Star 2 - WEEK 8
I really enjoyed making this little block, well 12" block, I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Fancy Stripes - WEEK 9
hmm more like cheaters Log Cabin really, this was sooo quick to make, it fairly flew through the sewing machine.

Bears Tracks... WEEK 10
A lovely block cos it is to do with Bears. I collect soft teddies or ornament's of bears so was very happy this was in the pack to make. Are they coming or going?

Chimneys & Cornerstones... WEEK 11
Not a lot to say of this cos it was another speedy one to make, love the secondary pattern you get when you link it with Courthouse Steps though. Nice one!

The Queen's X... WEEK 13
hee hee she was probably cross someone put those little triangles in her square!!!

Slowly but surely, I am catching up. Having fun whilst doing so too. :-)
Is this OK to put several in one posting or should they all be separate??


hetty said...

All of your blocks look terrific! Way to go!

floribunda... aka Julie said...

hey -- great blocks! you're catching up fast...

Quilt Pixie said...

those look wonderful! I'm amazed at the diligence of anyone working through some of those nightmares... :-)

In terms of the posting it makes sense to me to put them all in one post, but do whatever works best for yoU!

Kathryn said...

Glad you are having fun catching up. I can tell you have a great stash to work from. They look great.

jan said...

Hi Kathryn,
Yes, I'm afraid my scrap stash just seems to grow and grow, but for these blocks it is a blessing. Jan

Julie in the Barn said...

Wow, Jan. Nice job. All of them look great. Do you have any plans for using all the blocks from the party? I have about 5 projects going on using these babies.

Librarynan said...

What nice work, Jan! Maybe I'll do all the "missing" blocks, too... tee hee.

Vicki said...

Very nice work and you certainly have made progress on all the blocks.