Friday, July 3, 2009

don't faint!

It's utterly amazing -- I did this week's block challenge the day it was issued! I have no idea what came over me, but done it is :-)

I followed the direction from Quilter's Cache, and was extra careful with the bias edges. I didn't finger press, only setting a hot iron down on the seams when absolutely necessary, never moving it while down... and it worked!! After cutting the pieces I didn't trim anywhere during or after the construction process... well, OK I lie a little -- I trimmed off the "extra bits" from sewing diagonal seams where they poked out along the edges when I was all done the block, but otherwise I didn't trim at all -- and the block is the size it was supposed to be; and the points worked; and it didn't take forever :-)


jan said...

Oh I like this block, very smart indeed. Thanks for the advice, duly noted.

hetty said...

Whatever came over you was a good thing! I love your colourful block, QP!

Librarynan said...

Whoa! You were waaaaay too quick on this one! Just kidding, Donna - nice job! And thanks for the tip about the "not pressing".

Vicki said...

I like the jazzy fasbric choice and thanks for the advice. I have yet to tackle it after looking at all the bias stuff going on.