Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi, just to let you know I am hoping to get started on this, as I am sorting, well kind of sorting the fabrics out to use for these blocks. I had one idea then scrapped it. Daughter gave me a good one so am going with her idea. What was it?

"Don't be picky mother, just use what you grab first from the cupboard."

So there we are, I can start straight away. Well, tomorrow really, cos it is nearly 1am here - time for bed.

I've been looking at all the blocks and have decided not to do them all, some I really don't like much, others I like a lot. How fickle can one be!!!


PS A friend saw on my blog what I am doing and wants to join, off to send her the link unless she has beaten me to it. She, being Di.


Quilt Pixie said...

since this is to be a personal challenge your attitude fits perfectly! Do what suits, modify what you want and simply skip the rest :-)

I look forward to hearing from your friend.

jan said...

I have made the first block this evening, I really enjoyed just pulling the fabric from the scrap drawer. Will post the picture tomorrow when I work out how I have to do it.