Saturday, June 6, 2009

Caught up! :-)

I must be finding my centre of balance again, as I got into the quilting studio and actually did something more than move fabric around and think!

I did this week's block, 1941 nine patch, which I found quite boring, and then went back and got week 21's block, Hayes' corner done too. I've decided to simply skip week 22's block (starflower) since I really did it when I made a variation of Dakota Gold weeks ago. So now I'm all caught up :-)

I've also made some decisions about this block challenge for myself -- I'm going to sandwich each of these blocks and quilt them in the next while -- completely independently of each other. And then try to assemble these prequilted blocks into quilt tops... I've read the instructions for "quilt as you go" type quilts, and think this'll provide a great low stress chance to try that technique too. If it doesn't work well, they're only sample blocks, made for another purpose, not lots of time and effort invested into a specific planned quilt. :-)


Librarynan said...

Good idea, Donna! I've never done a QAYG but they seem quite popular.
Cheers, Nan

hetty said...

I do a lot of QAUG quilts because I have trouble handling a large quilt in my machine. I think these blocks would be great for a QAYG!

Vicki said...

You'll have to let us know how the QAYG works out. I've never done one but it certainly sounds interesting. I'm behind from last week and won't get a chance to get caught up till later in the week. I guess it happens to everyone at some point.