Sunday, May 10, 2009

Running in Place

I feel like such a slacker! I can't believe how easy it is to fall behind with these blocks. I've got waaayy too many projects going on but I don't seem to be actually finishing anything.

Here are weeks 9(Fancy Stripes), 11(Chimneys & Cornerstones), 12(Leap Frog), and 13(The Queen's X) all done using that scrap bin full of brights. I decided to make most of the blocks from now on from these fabrics and then add borders to make them all fit together for an eventual quilt for my granddaughter. I wasn't crazy about any of these blocks but they did go together fairly easily.

The 12" block from week#10 was Bear Tracks, a pattern I thought would look good done in those hard-to-work-with homespun fabrics. I've been making pillows from these and they look great on an old church pew I have. I find that the homespun fabric is getting a little easier to manage but I spray starch the heck out of it whenever I use it!

For a brief moment I was all caught up on FBP and then Spring Fever hit me and I fell behind again! Yard and house clean-up took center stage. At least the windows are clean so it's not so dark in the sewing room now! With a wild flurry of sewing today, I hope to finally get really and truly caught up so by next Friday I can do the block at a leisurely pace. Happy Mom's Day to all the moms in the party.


hetty said...

Oh, gosh! I know exactly how you feel when you say "running in place". I agree with you that it's a spring thing. There is just too much to do at this time of year. Your blocks look amazing! I love the bright colours. Happy Mother's Day!

Quilt Pixie said...

Love what you've done with the blocks -- they really do use up scraps and your fabric choices will go together well into a smapler for granddaughter... :-)

Vicki said...

Th eblock will definitely make a cute quilt for your granddaughter, nice and cheerful.