Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quiltpixie's pinwheel or flyfoot

I managed to get this week's block done under the wire again :-) I like hosting this challenge, as when i went to sort the block out for the upcoming week I realized I hadn't gotten to this week's, and was able to push myself to focus and get it done before drawing the block for next week... Generally I'm not good at working close to a deadline, but it seems to be becoming a habit with these. On the other hand, I'm getting them done which was the goal!

I'd say the blocks are getting easier, but I'd rather think its the practise paying off. No lopped off points, not stretched out of square -- the only "oops" this week was I didn't pay attention t the directions seams should be pressed and there are a few I had to fold on the back. Guess I'll learn to attend to that as well soon too :-)


hetty said...

Love the black and white! I think the blocks are getting easier, but only because of the practise.

Vicki said...

Yes I also like the B&W version. I'll have to try that one of these times. The practise is making things go a lot smoother.