Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Cathy's Star

Week #14 really challenged my piecing skills. I love the block but, gollleee geee, it sure was tedious. Keeping those little pieces turned the right direction required too much concentration.

Bouncing Betty

Week #15 goes into the 8" pile with the brights for a future quilt for grandaughter Keira. That one was fun & easy.

Dakota Gold

This week's block was also pretty easy but I chose to do it in homespuns. Stretchy stuff!! I am getting better at sewing with that fabric and I love the old fashioned look. Doing an occassional block like this may be the only way I will ever get enough blocks done for an entire quilt.

Since I was away for 5 weeks, I actually have 4 more blocks to try. I will probably do them eventually but for now I'm considering myself caught-up.


hetty said...

Great blocks! I know what you mean by 'tedious' when you talk about 'Cathy's Star'. It was very concentration intensive! But when I look at Week 14th blocks I think they are my favourite! Yours is bright and cheerful!

Librarynan said...

Nice job on all the blocks, Julie! Your "Cathy's Star" is really pretty with all that purple.

Quilt Pixie said...

love this week's block in the homespuns... I still have to get to mine this evening, maybe I'll pull a few of them from the bin to try.... :-)

I think you're more than "caught up" :-)

Vicki said...

Great work and I like the different looks of all your blocks.